Vol. XII / 2022





Laurent Milesi and Radu Vancu - Introduction: ‘Make It New’ Once Again: Experimental Trends in 21st-Century Poetry in English

Jed Rasula - ‘A Certain Noise’: Approaching the ‘Music of Poetry’

Daniel Katz - These Feelings of Futurelessness: Peter Gizzi’s Now It’s Dark

Ming-Qian Ma - From Blind to Blinding: Saturated Phenomena and the Speculative Lyric of the Invisible in Andrew Joron’s Poetry

Felix Bernstein - The Omega Machine

Jason Skeet - The People Are (Still) Missing: Bhanu Kapil’s How to Wash a Heart and the Problem of Minor Literature Today

Doris Mironescu - Poetry, Disability and Metamodernism: Ilya Kaminsky’s Deaf Republic  

Ronnie K. Stephens  - Illness and the Corporeal Experience as a Source of Collective Healing in 21st-Century American Poetry

Andrada Yunusoğlu - The Bodies We Inhabit: Reclaiming Power in the Poetry of Melissa Lozada-Oliva and Olivia Gatwood

Interviews and Review Articles

Andrei Codrescu in Conversation with Radu Vancu (Annotated by Laurent Milesi) - On 21st-Century Poetry and Poetics  

Cristina A. Bejan in Conversation with Arleen Ionescu - Trauma, Affect, Memory and 21st-Century Poetry

Philip Coleman - ‘the ghosts who don’t know what year it is’: A Review of Tracy K. Smith (ed.), The Best American Poetry 2021

Laurent Milesi and Arleen Ionescu - ‘Committing Poetry’: A Review of Timothy Yu (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Twenty-First-Century American Poetry