No. 1 / 2011


Inside cover


Domniţa TOMESCU - Aspects historiques de l'anthroponymie roumaine

Ioana JIEANU - Romanian-Spanish Onomastics Interferences

Adina NICOLAE - Proper Names in Romanian Fixed Expressions: Challenges in Translation

 Gabriela DUDA, Cristina GAFU - Aspects of Anthroponomy in Romanian Formulaic Expression

Petruţa NĂIDUŢ - Meta Incognita: Naming as Renaming in the Early Modern Exploration of the New World

Arleen IONESCU - Pas-de-noms/ Plus de noms. Derrida and Blanchot

Mihaela IRIMIA - In Search of "what's in a name": The English Pessoa as Poet as SHAKESPEARE, and the Case of SuperCamões

Anca Mihaela DOBRINESCU - Onomastic Strategies in Contemporary Fiction

Alina Elena ROŞCA - Mimicking Subjection to the Name- of- the -Father in Harold Pinter's The Homecoming

Serenela GHIŢEANU - Symbolique religieuse et noms des personnages chez Sylvie Germain

Adelina FARIAS - Mircea Cărtărescu's Levantul. Foreground and Background Anthroponyms

Cristina IRIDON - A Few Considerations on Names in Apuleius' Metamorphoses

Adrian OŢOIU - "Compartmentation of personality for the purpose of literary utterance": Pseudonymity and heteronymity in the various lives of Flann O'Brien

Cătălin ENICĂ - The Complex Vowel Segment. A New Name: Tetraphtongs. Contextual Achievements

Anindya RAYCHAUDHURI - The Spanish Civil War and its (Welsh) Afterlives: Memorialisation as a Political Act

Laurenţiu-Ioan THEBAN - Pour un modèle dynamique du temps présent

Răzvan SĂFTOIU - i-mean@UWE2011