No. 1 / 2012


Inside cover


Postcommunism: An Other Postcolonialism?

Bogdan ŞTEFĂNESCU - Reluctant Siblings : Methodological Musings on the Complicated Relationship between Postcolonialism and Postcommunism

Abdoulaye IMOROU - Postcommunist Africa and the Question of Political Initiative

Anca DOBRINESCU - The W/wall(s) in Contemporary Fiction

Anna HOROLETS, Olga KOZŁOWSKA - Provincializing Europe, Orientalizing Occident or Reproducing Power Imbalance? Representations of the UK in Post-2004 Polish Migrants' Narratives

Vladislava GORDIĆ PETKOVIĆ - Reimagining the Female Continent in Contemporary Serbian Literature

Anthony GARDNER - Spectres after Marx: Notes on Contemporary Art's Contiguous Histories

Kalina MALESKA - Postcommunist Literature in Macedonia: Combination of the Traditional and the Contemporary

Dana BĂDULESCU - Varujan Vosganian's Novel of Postmemory

Manuela CAZAN - Post-Communism: the Emergence of the Post-National Intellectual

Jolan BOGDAN - Sovereignty and the Death of Communism

Marina ROTARU - The Image of King Mihai in Post-1989 Romanian Society: The Survival of Communist Ideology

Răzvan SĂFTOIU, Carmen POPESCU - Brands in Post-Communist Romanian Political Arena


Constance GOH - Letters to God: The Coup d'état and the State of Exception in Politics
Chantal CORNUT-GENTILLE D'ARCY - Laughing across Frontiers. L'Auberge espagnole (Klapisch, 2002) as Cultural Mediator of / for a Borderless Europe

Review Articles

Anamaria SCHWAB - In the Wake of Communism: Alexandru Matei, Mormântul comunismului românesc
Arleen IONESCU, Laurent MILESI  -  Back to the Future: Patrick McGuinness, The Last Hundred Days
Ioana GALLERON - Une histoire européenne. Stéphane Courtois (ed.), Sortir du communisme, changer d'époque. Après la chute du Mur