No. 2 / 2012


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M. Teresa CANEDA CABRERA and Rui Carvalho HOMEM - The Place of Translation

Gys-Walt VAN EGDOM - Translational Ethics and the Grammatization of At-Homeness. A Grammatical Analysis of the Bouazza's `De verloren zoon` and the French translation

Martin URDIALES SHAW - Voicing the Survivor of Those Unspeakable Sites: Translating Vladek Spiegelman

Karen BENNETT - At the Selvedges of Discourse: Negotiating the ``In-Between`` in Translation Studies

Manuela PALACIOS GONZÁLEZ - Glocal Identities in Translation

Alexandra Assis ROSA - Translating Place: Linguistic Variation in Translation

M. Teresa CANEDA CABRERA - The Translator`s Net: The World as Word in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Sara CORRIZZATO - The Lingua - Cultural importation of African American Identity in the Italian Dubbed Version of Spike Lee`s Bamboozled

Ana B. FERNÁNDEZ GUERRA - Crossing Boundaries: The Translation of Cultural Referents in English and Spanish

Elaine TZU-YI LEE - Displacing African - American Culture in Taiwan: The Translator`s Ethnic Awareness and Positions

Serap ERINCIN - Dance in Translation: Subjectivity, Failed Spectatorship and Tolerance


Mark O'THOMASRewriting The Book of Disquiet

Review Articles

Arleen IONESCU, Adina NICOLAE  - Czech Translation Theory in Translation: A Review of Jiří Levý, The Art of Translation

Răzvan SĂFTOIU - A review of Douglas Robinson, Translation and the Problem of Sway

José CARREGAL ROMERO - Aidan O’Malley, Field Day and the Translation of Irish Identities. Performing Contradictions

Vanessa SILVA FERNÁNDEZ - Simon, Sherry. Cities in Translation. Intersections of Language and Memory