Vol. X / 2020




Acknowledgments -10 Years of Existence of Word and Text A Journal of Literary Studies and Linguistics


Arleen Ionescu - The New Humanities in the ‘Post-University’: Introduction

The State Of Play

Marc Vanholsbeeck and Karolina Lendák-Kabók - Research Impact as a ‘Boundary Object

Ioana Galleron and Fatiha Idmhand - Why Go from Texts to Data, or The Digital Humanities as A Critique of the Humanities

Anne-Marie Callus - The Contribution of Disability Studies to the New Humanities


Alexandre Gefen - Politics of Remediation: The Renewed Commitment of Contemporary French Literature. Critical Issues and Societal Debates

Lanlan Du - The Two Cultures Debate Revisited in the Posthumanist Age:  Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake as a Case Study

Laurent Milesi - The Remediation of (Post-)Humanities

Jamey Hecht - Prescription for a New Model University for the Humanities

Review Articles

Geoffrey Williams - A Review of Hugo Harari-Kermadec’s Le Classement de Shanghai: l’Université marchandisée  

Cheng Li and Fekede Menuta - A Review of Patrik Svensson’s Big Digital Humanities: Imagining a Meeting Place for the Humanities and the Digital

Anca Dobrinescu - In Defence of Academic Freedom. Safeguarding the Principles of Democracy: On Academic Freedom: The Global Challenge, eds. Michael Ignatieff and Stefan Roch’s

Stefan Herbrechter - The Nonhumanities, or, ceci n’est pas une critique. Review of Hacking the Academy: New Approaches to Scholarship and Teaching from Digital Humanities, eds. Daniel J. Cohen and Tom Scheinfeldt


Ivan Callus - The Humanities Connection: Fiction and the Virus