Vol. IX / 2019





Arleen Ionescu - Postclassical Narratology: Twenty Years Later

Section 1: General Perspectives

Brian Richardson - Recent Work in Unnatural Narrative Studies

Biwu Shang - Postclassical Narratology in China: Receptions and Variations

John Pier -  Is There a French Postclassical Narratology?

Section 2: Thematic Departures

Samuel Caleb Wee - Songs of ‘Experientiality’: Reconsidering the Relationship between Poeticity and Narrativity in Postclassical Narratology

Charlotte Lindemann - Dialogue and the Limits of Narrative Discourse:
Gérard Genette, Gertrude Stein

Florian Zitzelsberger - On the Queer Rhetoric of Metalepsis 

Xiaomeng Wan - Body as Resource of Narrative Communication: An Intersection of Corporeal Narratology with Rhetorical Narratology

Section 3: Readings

Vladimir Biti - Almost the Same but not Quite: Kafka and His ‘Assignees’

Yili Tang - Character Narration and Fictionality in Julian Barnes’s Flaubert’s Parrot

Section 4: Reviews

Yuzhen Lin - A Comparative Perspective on Unnaturalness:
A Review of Biwu Shang’s Unnatural Narrative across Borders:
Transnational and Comparative Perspectives, London and New York:
Routledge/ Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press, 2019, 110 pp. ISBN: 978-
1-138-31130-5 (hbk)/978-0-429-45984-1 (ebk), 130 £

Fang Cai - A Discipline with Local Characteristics and a Global Perspective:A Review of Xiuyan Fu’s Zhong Guo Xu Shi Xue [Chinese Narratology], Beijing: Peking University Press, 2015, 324 pages, ISBN 978-7-301-25750-0, ¥ 68