Vol LXII No. 4 / 2010


The Long Modernity: The Valorization of Time and Memory from Early to Late Modernity - Mihaela Irimia

Mediating Shakespeare in Socialist Times - Romanian Editions of Hamlet - Mădălina Nicolaescu

Waiting for Nothing without End with Beckett - Arleen Ionescu

Time - summum in parvo in The Iliad - Cristina Iridon

Rouja Lazarova, retours dans le Temps - Serenela Ghiţeanu

The Temporal Level in The Hieroglyphic History by Dimitrie Cantemir - Loredana Netedu

Tracing the Past in Shakespeare's Hamlet and Pinter's Ashes to Ashes - Alina-Elena Roşca

L'organisation temporelle dans la trilogie familiale de Dominique Rolin - Anca Stavre

The Dilation/Dilution of Time in Mihail Sebastian's Plays The Nameless Star and Playing at Holidays - Lucia Ispas

Saleem Sinai and His History. Time in Midnight's Children - Virgil Filip

Valeurs et significations du temps dans la poésie du XIXe siècle - Diana Rînciog

One Century of.... Caragialism in Romanian Literature - Loredana Ilie

Linguistic Interferences with Verbal Tenses in Three Romance Languages: Spanish, Romanian and Catalan. Based on Student Texts in Schools from Castellón (Spain) - José Cristian Linares Bayo

Valeurs temporelles du connecteur ALORS - Steluţa Coculescu

La temporalité grammaticale: quelques considérations - Domniţa Tomescu

Les clichés phraséologiques de la temporalité - Gabriela Duda

Time to teach: Turn-allocation procedures in the foreign language class - Răzvan Săftoiu

Logique des temps verbaux - Diana Costea

A Brief History of Language Teaching within the Educational System in Romania - Diana Presadă, Mihaela Badea

Well-timed Linguistic Strategies: Marking Business English Metaphors - Adina Oana Nicolae

Means of Time Expression in the Romanian Communities in Spain - Ioana Jieanu

A Millenarian Project? Bacon's Enlargement of the Empire of Knowledge - Petruţa Năiduţ

Topics of Western Philosophy as Accident Elements of the Identities of the Central European Nations - Béla Mester

Cultural Models in Language and Thought - Cornelia Maria Leu